Upcoming Workshops 2010 - 2011

  • YFT : Workshops are held each month for a group of minimum 10 women/men at Mumbai
  • June 3rd : Anagram Ltd : Corporate workshop : Stress management
  • July 6th : Bajaj Art Gallery Lecture-Demo (Free, open to all) : Beauty & Anti Aging
  • July 7th, 8th & 9th : Workshop (Registration required) : Beauty & Anti Aging.
  • July 4th  week: Lecture Committee at Dadar Matunga Cultural Association. Rejuvenation & Stress.
  • August 26th: Half day workshop at National Gallery of Modern Art and European faculty.
  • July 16th: Baroda, Sterling and Beauty & Toning
  • August 28th & 29th: Baroda, Sterling and European Faculty
  • August 30th: Goa, European Faculty and Rejuvenation & Stress Management.
  • November 2010: International Faculty
  • September to December 2010: Slovenai and Europe

For registration, fees, duration, etc of YFT workshops in Mumbai, contact here

Schedule for other city contact here

New updates will follow....

Past Workshops

We welcome you to walk with us along our memories, of the maiden launch of Aiyana Wellness, and subsequent sessions thereafter.

Workshop in May 2009

We had three sessions during the Savinas visit.

  • The first was with an eminent group from Mumbais Industrial Houses.
  • The second in Goa with a group of women at the helm.
  • The third was at the Nair Hospital with the Heads of Derma,Neurology,Speech and Occupational Therapy, along with the post graduate Dr's.
  • The fourth was a closed door session for Senior Professionals and participants

Each audience received YFT very positively, and look forward to a workshop / maintenance workshop in September.We were covered by the Media in Goa, who appreciated the concept, for its  Stress Management angle, Beauty & Health.

September 2009 Workshops
  • Lucknow
    • Agesis BPO: Stress Management Technique
    • Oil & Gas Design Firm: Stress Management
    • Individual Group: Rejuvenation & Anti Aging
  • Delhi
    • Private session: Rejuvenation & Anti Aging
    • Savera Group(NGO): Rejuvenation & Anti Aging
  • Mumbai
    • Chartered Accountants Association of W.India: Stress Management
    • Bombay Stock Exchange of India : Rejuvenation & Stress Management Private Sessions: Rejuvenation & Anti Aging Doctors Lecture Demo
December 2009 to May 2010
  • Dr Alok Sharma: Head Neurology Sion Hospital
  • Dr S Amladi : Head Medical Kaya
  • YPO S.E Asia Goa: Harsh Mariwalla & S. Salgaocar Forum
  • Orchid Hotel: Sr Management
  • Dynamic Women: Stress Management
  • Lecture: Demo - Chaitanya Towers Ladies
  • Bombay Stock Exchange
  • YPO Ladies Forum: Bajaj
  • Workshop Creative Designers: Mumbai
  • Workshop: Women at the Helm: Mumbai
  • Bajaj Gallery: Lecture Demo Artist Private